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Navigating The “Impossible”

A Survival Guide For Single Moms From Pregnancy Through The First Year Of Motherhood.

Being a new, single mom can make you feel isolated, overwhelmed and judged. Raising a child alone may not be an ideal circumstance, but it’s certainly not impossible! Navigating the “Impossible” is designed to help you to create your financial and success roadmap from pregnancy through your first year of motherhood.

As you wait, get your copy of the Ultimate Childcare Interview Checklist delivered to your email along with other information that will help you to navigate your single motherhood journey.

This checklist (along with the bonus goodies including a budgeting training that will be delivered to you) will help you to reduce the worry, fear, and anxiety about choosing child care by providing you with a framework for how to search for the right childcare provider.


Hey!  I’m Aisha

I’m a phenomenal, single mom of twins. My life suddenly changed once I found out I was pregnant, and shortly thereafter realized that I was going to be a single mom. I couldn’t believe that I was in this situation.  However, this journey has been a blessing. On this journey, I realized that my situation isn’t unique, and that it is challenging to regroup, adjust to your new life and financial reality.  Therefore, I created the site to help single moms thrive financially and live phenomenally using Biblical principles to teach money management, self-care, and the importance of building a legacy for their family.